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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm not a survivor - I'm an Overcomer!

One of my favorite Bible passages at the moment comes from the book of Matthew, 19:26Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

I have often referred to myself as a survivor - I'm tough and I can and do muddle through.  I know that quitting isn't an option most of the time, and combined with my natural loyalty, this leads me to grit my teeth and get through, if barely at times.

The Bestie gave me the most beautiful compliment recently when she said to me "you have a strength of mind stronger than almost anyone I know - you can get through anything you set your mind to".  Lately though, I've felt that this word falls short and is needlessly limiting.  I don't want to just survive, I don't think God intends for me to simply trudge through adversity in endless discomfort.  With my Lord beside me, I am no longer just a survivor - I'm an overcomer.

I found this word on Princess Warrior Jo's blog, and found it resonates within me in my new life in Christ.  Yesterday I found myself once again with the black dog baying at my doorstep and I could hear the enemy calling his lies into my mind.  I was struggling with doubt, with my faith.  I realised I had reached a point where I needed to humble myself and admit that I couldn't continue on, on my own.  I called my family and asked for help of the practical kind, and then I humbled myself before God and asked Him to minister to my soul, to renew my faith.

My prayers were answered today, as I bought and have begun reading the most amazing book called The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven (Kevin and Alex Malarkey).  I have yet to finish reading it, but have already felt much renewal of faith and spirit.  I am so humbled and blessed with the gifts He has given me.  I have wonderful family, two beautiful and healthy sons and a caring community of friends.  Even while I ache at the absence of the man who has my heart, and mourn the passing of my grandmother into Eternity, He is beside me, He is using my pain to shape my soul for the better and this is part of His perfect plan for me.  God exceeds all expectations, all hopes...I know when it is my season, he will bring me joy from the pain I am in right now.

While I walk with Him, I will not just survive, I will overcome and THRIVE!

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