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Thursday, October 13, 2011

And that is why I'm on a Facebook ban!

Recently, after some consideration, I decided I needed a "Facebook ban" - some time out from social networking.  Knowing myself as I do, I knew I'd have to actually deactivate my account in order to stick to this! So I asked a trusted friend to take on admin of the pages I own that didn't already have a co-admin (including the fan page for this blog!), went through the Facebook "we'll miss you" guilt trip of deactivating and then the obligatory 12 hours of withdrawals LOL!

Two days later I realised perhaps I was being overly hopeful in assuming no-one on my friends list would assume it was about them and asked The Bestie to post on her status for me (since she has 90% of my friends list on hers!) explaining that I was taking a break.  I was immediately beset with texts from a concerned friend asking what was "wrong", and "who" had upset me, etc.  Then today, I received a text from another friend who is not on The Bestie's list, assuming I had deleted him over some banter we'd had on Facebook the previous week and feeling quite put out.

This, my friends, just highlights why I needed a break from social networking!  It's not about you.  Or you.  Or you.  It's about me, and my family.  I was expending way too much of my time and emotional energy into something that at the end of the day is not "real life".  Giving far too much thought and importance to an mish mash of data snippets.  I was allowing doubt and negativity a path to take root in my mind and my heart because of things that happened in a virtual construct that at the end of the day, has very little real world impact on me, on my sons and my day to day existence.  It needed to stop.  And in order to regain perspective for when I do return there - cause I do love my Facey ;-) - I decided I needed to have some total withdrawal for a while, to refocus myself.  That is what my "Facebook break" is about.  That's all it is about.

I do however need to sincerely apologise to those who assumed I had issues with them personally and had done a block and delete.  I haven't, I haven't deleted and blocked anyone, and trust me when I say - if I had a problem with you, I would let you know about it before I wiped you off my digital radar.  So if you haven't heard from me, you can safely assume all is well in my world with you.  And if you're still worried about it, there's you know, old skool stuff like email and phone ;-).

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