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I'm a thirty-something year old Christian chick living in Adelaide, Australia.  I'm variously an Analyst/Programmer and lover of almost all things geeky.  I have twin boys (known hereabouts as "the geeklings") who I adore and live with me one week out of every two.  I write.  I build.  I sew.  I bake.

Most of all, I love giving of myself to others and seeing my efforts make them smile.  If I can touch one life each day in a positive way, I'm happy.  I want to know when I leave this world, I'll be remembered with a smile.


Why blog?  Why not, all the cool kids are doing it :).  In all seriousness...a lot of reasons.  I tend to do a lot of pondering on the world around me - mostly people and society, life and love...why we are the way we are.  I like to write.  Until I started POG (Philosophy of Geek - yes, we geeks love our acronyms!) I had an outlet for neither.  This is a place for me to do both, and hopefully give something useful in the process.

It's also an opportunity for me to journal small pieces of life and trivia that I don't generally, as a single mum, have an opportunity to share - The distorting effects of perspective is one such example!

Yep, this blogging gig is fairly narcissistic.  I like to think most of what I write is somewhat worthwhile, but can read, or not read.  Up to you :).

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