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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ten things...

I'm torn about publishing several drafts at the moment - and being lazy about finishing the move post!  So, here are random lists of 10 things that make me want to cry and 10 that make me smile, in no particular order, that have occurred to me during my current house move.

Things that make me want cry

  1. Seeing my friends have their hearts broken
  2. When my boys get let down
  3. Being told I don't measure up at work
  4. The smell of Lynx guy's body wash
  5. Cappuccino yoghurt for breakfast
  6. "The One I Love" by REM and "Time of Your Life" by Green Day
  7. Losing people I love
  8. When I let people down
  9. Realizing I've hurt someone I care about
  10. Lost opportunities

Things that make me smile

  1. Watching my sons master a new skill
  2. Baking awesomely yummy food
  3. Reading a really good book
  4. Clean sheets on a freshly made bed
  5. Random acts of kindness
  6. Seriously good latte!
  7. When I write a really funky program
  8. Finding out that I mean as much to others, as they do to me
  9. Every time my sons say "I love you"
  10. When I make others smile

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