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Monday, September 19, 2011

The move that was

On Friday, I moved into my VERY OWN HOME for the first time!  After over a decade of renting, I'm a proud first home owner.  It's been a massive journey, the day was nothing like I'd ever imagined and while I didn't get to share it with the people I had hoped and planned to, I was very blessed to have my loving parents with me to share my joy (and stresses and sorrows LOL!).

Moving out of my last rental was also quite an emotional milestone - it was the first house where I was truly independent, where I fell in love for the first time in my life.  Saying good-bye to the scene of those memories was kind of hard, but I'll hold them close to my heart.

So, without further ado, here's a pictorial of my move!

My brother and I dismantled all the beds almost a week before moving day, as my grandmother sadly passed away and we knew I'd have to travel for the funeral only two days before the move.  Here we have "My Bosch is better than your Bosch" - one of our silly moments in between our "crying on his shoulder" moments (this was two days after she passed).

Yertle, my pet turtle, waiting in his tub while I drained and packed the tank.  The plan was that one of us would take the tub in our cars when we left the house, so he could go straight from one house to another without sitting around in a hot car.

However, my Dad in a last minute frenzy, picked up the tub, put it in the bottom of a box and piled crap on top of it, before it then got sealed and loaded onto the truck!  This led to much frenzy a few hours later as I tried to work out where Yertle had got to (classic case of "I thought you had I thought YOU had him") before we realised what must have happened, tore open a bunch of boxes and found him unscathed, but very much miffed!

The "essentials" in the back seat of my car - a working GH controller and the Nespresso machine, with pods.  All set to ensure my sanity is maintained on arrival!
Respect the angle!

While my bro and I were dismantling my erm...rather large four poster bed, which I built myself, we discovered a minor issue.  In order to get the frame ends through the doors, we had to carry them on a very precise angle to avoid hitting the frames.

Here's the moving dudes respecting the angle on the way into the truck :).

The obligatory "Oh shit we forgot about THAT cupboard" moment, where you're doing the "last minute" check and realise you left shit out that needs to get into a box...STAT!

Extremely dodgy photo of my backside as I open up the house for the first time :D
Sharing a glass of the red that Ray White so kindly gave me when I picked up the keys, with my long suffering moving helpers (otherwise known as parents!)

And if you've read this far, props to you too!  Thanks for sharing my moving excitement!


  1. Nothing more special than realising you own a little patch of something :)

    Until someone bursts your bubble and says that the government really owns everything and we have no control and... and... and...

    (Can you tell someone else has burst that bubble for me already? lol!!!)

    Glad you are in your own place though... so awesome.

  2. Congratulations on your home. Congratulations on newer bigger brighter future.

    I hope this brings along new happiness Kath. xxoo