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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Terrifying Drop

Terrifying Drop

It's true to say I fall in love
I don't sink comfortably into it
Or step, carefully, deliberately
Into all consuming passion.

I watch and it seems to me
You're different, it isn't the same
You exultantly throw yourself off the edge
Thrilled by the wind in your face
Happily seeking every opportunity to discover
If she's the one

While I am skittering, desperately clutching
Slipping, falling, terrified of every inch
Even as I crave the cool waterfall below
I'm fighting, fighting so hard not to fall

How can I step off if I don't know you'll catch me?
It's only in seeing that every time I slip, there you are
To pick me up and dust me off
A hundred little opportunities to see that you mean it
That you're here and you're real and
I can count on you

And every time you catch me
My grip is a little looser
My struggle a little less
I glance into the ravine below and think that

Maybe soon
I can jump off the cliff after you

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