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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


"I wanna wake up, I wanna restart...put the drumbeat back in my heart"
~ Remedy Drive, Heartbeat

It feels like a lifetime ago that I began this blog and yet now in my forays back into dating I've started to remember why this was such a big part of my life at the beginning.  And maybe the fact that it hasn't been lately says that there was something missing.

I started writing here because I was going through an intense period of emotional and spiritual growth.  I was a new Christian.  I was newly divorced.  I was discovering myself and the world around me in a myriad of new ways.  Then I was heartbroken.  Then I got remarried and life here on the blog stopped for a while.  Then I was heartbroken again and the grief and pain was just too raw, too exhausting and too much.  And I couldn't write.

Now I'm waking up to myself again.  I feel like there's once again forward momentum in my life, that there's growth and adventure.  And so the urge to write is rising again.

Expect to see more in this space...

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