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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How are you dying today?

The other morning, I went to send the bestie a text, asking "How are you going today?".  Like many of us, I've got a "smart" phone and mine is a Samsung with a predictive text tool called "Swype".  Some how, my missive came out at "How are you dying today?".  And, of course, me being me, that sparked a blog post.

I've read and heard a lot lately about "dying to yourself" - giving one's life over to the Lord.  It seems like a massive concept.  The idea of living a laid down life seems so huge, so daunting, I think it's one we often put in the bucket of being something that "better Christians" can do.  Someone else.  Surely not me, I don't have the faith for that.  The will.  But, "how are you dying today" helped me shift this view into bite sized pieces.

Where I have always struggled with the idea of living a laid down life, is the all encompassing nature of the concept.  The idea of complete surrender to the Lord.  The idea of total subjugation of one's own self to a greater purpose.  I know I can't do that.  And so I fail to even approach the concept, leaving it to those mystical other, "better" Christians.  But that phrase hit are you dying today?  Forget yesterday.  Forget tomorrow.  Don't worry that you will stumble - it's already forgiven through the grace of Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

I know that I can no more live a totally laid down life, than I can lead a life totally devoid of sin.  Fortunately, my King knows that too, which is why he has provided me - and us all - with forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ.  But, I can live each day doing my best to put Him before myself, and forgiving myself each stumble along the way just as He already has, as long as I continue getting up and going on with Him.  Just as I do my best to refrain from sin, even knowing as I do that I can not do it with perfection, so too I can do my best to lay down my life for Him, each day. are you dying today?

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