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Friday, May 23, 2014

The no BS, no drama blog manifesto

After massive encouragement from two awesome ladies, I'm going to start blogging again.  And after a third shared with me this post from Renegade Mothering I present to you, as my re-entry post, grungerockchick's "No BS, No Drama Blog Manifesto".

  1. This is my blog.  That means that I can, and will, write about what I think, feel and see, as it hits me.
  2. I'm a human being.  I have a complete life, family, emotions and insecurities just like you do, most of which you can't see or infer just from my blog.
  3. You are totally free to agree, disagree or think anything I write is totally nuts.
  4. You're not going to agree with everything I write here.  I'm not going to agree with your reaction to everything I write here.
  5. That's OK, because part of the reason I write is both to present my point of view to help other people see it, and to broaden my point of view from others' reactions to it.
  6. Feedback is awesome and you're totally free to use the comments section to tell me nicely what you think
  7. However, since this is my blog (see point 1), you're not free to abuse me via comments here or elsewhere
  8. If you do decide to do that, I'll be happy to delete them for you and remind you that I don't appreciate it
  9. If that means you don't want to be my friend anymore, I'll be sad, but glad I found out our friendship was only based on me being an exact copy of you and seeing things the same way you do.
  10. This is my blog.  That means that I can, and will, write about what I think, feel and see, as it hits me.  

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