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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well I never!

Do you remember, as a child, your parents doing something to you that you found so repulsive, that you absolutely swore you would never inflict such horrible torture upon your own offspring?  And then, once you were a parent, for one reason or another, finding yourself doing those very things?

My two pet "scars of childhood" were cod liver oil and egg sandwiches.  I hated egg sandwiches with a burning fiery passion.  I vividly remember as a kindergarten child being forced to eat an egg sandwich (and erm...instead smearing it all over my table in protest!).  I declared, at that moment, a vow I have never forgotten: I will never make my child egg sandwiches for their packed lunch.  Ever.  Never.

So, you'll never guess what GeeklingV2b asked for in his lunchbox this week?  Yep.  Egg sandwiches.  And I made them for him.

*hangs head in shame*

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