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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's your go to Fix It Up FAST?

I have to tell you, today is not going overly swimmingly, largely for reasons that I can't articulate, due to not really being consciously aware of them.  Despite having averaged 7 hours of sleep a night for the last four nights (which any mother will tell you, is like pure luxury), I am still exhausted.  I woke up twenty minutes after my alarm went off, and feeling like I might spontaneously explode into a salt water fountain at the slightest provocation.  Arguing with the midgets on every aspect of preparation for the day didn't improve the situation.

Coffee.  I figured I needed coffee.  GOOD coffee.  So I stopped on the way to work and bought myself a Grande Capp from C.  Things seemed to be improving slightly, despite the rising damp on my eyeballs, which was threatening to weaken the structural integrity of the matchsticks supporting them.  And then, in a moment of pure stupidity, I managed to give the Peugeot in front of me a bit of a love tap, resulting in a dint in an otherwise perfectly kept bumper bar.  We pull over, and swap details, and I arrive at work to lodge a claim with my insurer.  While I'm on the phone, I realise I've forgotten to bring my lunch.

By lunchtime, I still haven't done any of the things I'd planned to do today and desperate to salvage something of the day, I decide I'll go for "Fix It Up Fast" attempt #2 - bakery lunch.  I'm happy to report that a bacon & egg pie, muffin and ten minutes in the sunshine, seems to have improved things considerably.  For this half hour at least!

What's your go to "Fix It Up Fast"?

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